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A city of deserts, beaches and oases...
Peru’s eclectic capital enthralls visitors with the shores of its bay washed by the Pacific, its architecture that exudes a colonial past and its multifaceted roots that sprout up at every corner. The City of the Kings...
Túcume Archaeological Complex
Known also as the Valley of the Pyramids, Túcume is one of the best representations of the three cultures that occupied the area: Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca. The 26 adobe pyramids can be admired from Purgatory Hill, where viewers can appreciate why they took 500 years to build.
Extreme Experiences
Peru is versatile and its geography proves it to be the perfect place for adventure. A warm desert coast, an imposing mountain range and a lush jungle invite you to enjoy all kinds of extreme experiences and adventures including hiking in the mountains, sandboarding on coastal dunes and canoeing in rivers or trekking the Inca Trail.
Magical Biodiversity
Peru is one of 10 mega-diverse countries of the world, with hundreds of endemic species of flora and fauna; a paradise for bird watching and orchid spotting, or the exploration of remote and mythical natural landscapes, some still pristine virgin lands teeming with life.
The Inca’s wisdom and vision of the cosmos still permeates the air of the imperial city of Cusco. Its harmony with nature stands as a lesson to this day.

Enjoy timeless moments

Mountain Lodges to Machu Picchu
Enjoy enchanting mountain lodges, natural hot springs and innovative local cuisine. Hike during the day, and then dine and relax in luxury at night. And with your lodge-to-lodge based trek to Machu Picchu booking receive 2 complimentary nights in Cusco and save!
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“Inca Panorama” 11-day trip
Walk in the footsteps of the Incas & live it up on this 11-day adventure. Experience the Colca Canyon, see the King of the Andes at Condor Cross & get up close to the locals & their unique way of life on Lake Titicaca’s floating islands.


The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu
Transport yourself from Peru’s bustling colonial capital, through the charm and history of Cuzco, into the stunning Sacred Valley, and along the epic Inca Trail before arriving at the infamous Machu Picchu.

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Venture to the land of the sun on a trip to Peru and you’ll be richly rewarded with world-class trekking, mysterious ruins, vast natural wonders, a majestic rainforest, seemingly-magical floating islands, and mind boggling ancient riddles.

On the Sacred Valley
Daily expeditions will lead you along seldom-travelled highland trails surrounded by exquisite snow-capped peaks, past roving herds of llamas and alpacas, around impossibly hued turquoise lakes, and through graceful waterfalls.

Mountain Lodges of Peru

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Ancient Land of Mysteries
Fantastic archeological treasures set amidst the soaring Andean peaks – this can only be Peru. Discover historic Lima, the “City of Kings.” Explore Andean art forms and the local way of life during your stay in the Sacred Valley.

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