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When authentic memories, traveling in style and meaningful experiences is the priority, then look to the original innovators in luxury cruising in the Northern Peruvian Amazon on board the luxury Delfin vessels.

This 4 or 5 day luxury cruise takes you up the river to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru to explore the majesty of the Amazon Rainforest. Landing in Iquitos, head to Nauta to embark on the Delfin I, II or III.

The Delfins take you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the Amazon in the most unique and personalized vessels ever to cruise the Amazon River. With intimate luxury cabins, open-air observation decks and dining rooms serving the best in Amazonian and Peruvian cuisine, the Delfins offer supreme comfort when exploring the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest.

The Delfin (Goway Travel) 

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and home to billions of organisms, from the towering canopy trees that sustain the wildlife to the howler monkeys and parrots that make the jungle so exotic. The Amazon River itself is possibly the longest river in the world and the primary source of water in the Atlantic Ocean. Sail down the Amazon to reach Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the world’s largest protected flood forest.

Here’s details from Goway Travel:

Day 1  Arrive Iquitos. After arriving at Iquitos International Airport, you will be met and transported by bus for 1.5 hours, heading northwest toward Nauta (the oldest city in the department of Loreto). Nauta lies between Iquitos and the Maranon River, where the Delfin is waiting for you.

At the port of Nauta you board the Delfin I, the most unique river vessel in the Amazon River. After settling in to your suite, enjoy a happy hour where Peru’s most famous cocktail, pisco sour, is served. Fine regional cigars are also available. Dinner is served in a cozy dining room located at the back of the ship’s second deck.

The Delfin II (Goway Travel)

Aside from providing you with a rainforest adventure, the Delfin I is a unique culinary experience, offering the best of Amazonian-Peruvian cuisine in a cosmopolitan gourmet setting. The on-board chef prides himself in serving dishes in different styles and seasoned with a wide variety of herbs and spices, as well as exotic fruits. Following your meal, there will be a briefing with the balance of your day at leisure to enjoy the Amazonian night as the staff serenade you with live music.

Day 2  Amazon Jungle. Early mornings are always rewarding as wildlife is abundant and very active. The crew will offer an early morning bird-watching experience just before breakfast for those who like to get up with the sunrise.

After breakfast, you hike through this pristine ecosystem at San Isidro, passing through a classic tropical rainforest with emergent and canopy trees reaching up to 55 meters. Many trees have buttress roots which extend high up the trunks. Biologically, this kind of forest is probably one of the richest habitats on earth, supporting the most species of plants and animals per unit area. You learn about medicinal plants and how to identify them while hiking. The forest is also good for spotting birds like the bluish-fronted jacamar, collared trogons and red-capped cardinals.

Return to the Delfin in time to enjoy a world-class gourmet meal as the vessel continues sailing upstream. The innovative chef will surprise your palate, while introducing you to the pleasures of Peru’s haute cuisine.

At 3:30 p.m.  YanaYacu excursion (protected area within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve). Nature never seems more beautiful than in the tropics! This afternoon, you’ll have an opportunity to explore one of the main areas of the Pacaya Samira. On board the aluminum skiff, you get deep into the rainforest and its fantastic diversity of flora and fauna. See a myriad of bird species, colorful butterflies, noisy monkey troops and active pink and grey river dolphins. Enjoy the black river waters as you discover this mysterious and bountiful destination.

Return to the Delfin in the early evening for dinner and time to relax.

Day 3  Amazon Jungle. Today, you visit the only Canopy Walkway in this area, an experience unequaled in the rainforest! At a height of over 25 meters (85 feet) and extending for 500 meters (a third of a mile), the Canopy Walkway provides a view of the rainforest from the treetops, the best vantage point for observing Amazon wildlife and vegetation. The walkway is accessible to all and requires no special skills or equipment. The suspended walkway is spread between 14 of the area’s largest rainforest trees, and is one of the longest canopy walkways in the world.

After your walk, traverse Tawampa Lake by canoe, where you might just see giant arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world.

After lunch on board the ship, you explore the small creeks and lagoons at Nauto Cano. Cruising is the best way to experience the diversity of the wildlife that populates the rivers and their neighbouring habitats. Sail quietly near shore, exploring marshes, streams and oxbows. Continue on board one of the excursion skiffs and head out to catch some fish.

During the rainy season the forest is flooded, and many trees flower and bear fruit in conjunction with the flooding. Many fish, including piranhas, swim among the flooded tree trunks devouring the fruit or chewing at their skins. The piranhas’ reputation as super-carnivores is an exaggeration. There are 25 different species of piranha in the Amazon Basin, including black, white and red-bellied.

At sunset, you’ll be astonished by the beautiful colours of the sky and the reflection of the jungle in the black water of the Pacaya River, which is why it has been called the forest of reflections. It’s hard to tell where the jungle begins and the water ends. Once it’s dark, you hear the second movement of the jungle symphony, and with flash lights you begin your night safari in search of night herons, pauraques, spectacled owls, up to a dozen species of croaking from the river’s edge. Spectacled and black caimans are found in these pristine waters, and your guides will point them out to you.

After your night safari, return to the Delfin, where the chef will calm your appetite with wonderful dishes.

Day 4  Depart Iquitos. Wake up at the Amazon headwaters, were the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers merge and give birth to the mighty Amazon River. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive pink-river dolphin. After making landing, you will have the opportunity to visit San Francisco, a local village. Your first interaction with local villagers will acquaint you with their unique way of life.

Return to the vessel and enjoy your last moments aboard the Delfin I with a diversity of culinary choices for lunch. Disembark at Nauta where a bus takes you back to Iquitos. En route to the airport, stop for a short visit at the Manatee Rescue Center. Admission to the center is free, but donations are encouraged and appreciated.


  • Phone:  800.557.2841
  • YouTube
  • Length/Departs: 4 or 5 day options/ask operator for depart dates
  • Transport/Accommodation: Luxury cruise ship. Must contact Goway for details of on-board suites’ options offered.
  • Price: from $6,310 CDN + (– $100/Outpost promo code)
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Ships: Delfin I, Delfin II & Delfin III
  • All meals while on board
  • All excursions
  • Transfer to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to Iquitos (17:00 hrs)
  • Entrance Fee to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
  • Delfin I: all bar consumptions, house wines in all meals.
  • Please NOTE: prices are “from,” per person based on twin/double share accommodation, and for travel in low season. Seasonal surcharges and blackout dates may apply. Limited seat/spaces and all pricing is subject to change and availability. Rates for single or triple travellers are available on request, please inquire.

Description/details from operator. To see more or book this trip click here.

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